Y9   Power Project:

Special Diets and Deficiencies 

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The Y9 Power Project develops the students skills and understanding of Cookery and Nutrition, extending their learning from Y8. The theme of this Power Project is 'Special Diets and Deficiencies' which is taught through the ‘Michelin Star Challenge’ using a restaurant based scenario: The Head Chefs (students) have been asked to create a series of dishes that cater towards the dietary needs of their customers. Each week, they will create a different 1-3 course dish suited to a particular dietary need. The Michelin Inspector (teacher) will assess their dishes every week and award their restaurants with an overall Star Rating.


The practical tasks are as follows:

  • Make a 1-3 course vegetarian dish

  • Make a 1-3 gluten-free dish

  • Make a 1-3 lactose-free dish

  • Make a 1-3 low fat dish


The students will be awarded a number of stars for each practical task dependent upon the quality and presentation of their dish/es, which will then be used to determine their restaurant's overall star rating.



The Y9 Power Projects will equipp the students with the skills needed to undertake a Food Based course at KS4, whilst meeting the demands of the new national curriculum.    



Y9   Power Project




























Only £10.00 for the complete Y9   Power Pack!




Only £10.00!