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Welcome! This area is for pupils to help you to research different topics related to Cookery, Food and Nutrition! Some of the homeworks for the K.S.3 Power Projects will contain links to this page. 


Food Preparation: Raw Chicken

Always check the date marks of chicken and ensure that it's fresh. Check the storage instructions located on the packaging informtion. Raw chicken should be stored in a food container with a lid, on the bottom shelf of the fridge. This prevents the juices and blood of the raw chicken from dripping onto other foods, so we have to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Contact between cooked and raw foods must be avoided as much as possible.


Frozen chicken must be thawed (defrosted) at least 24 hours before it’s cooked to reduce the risk of food poisoning.


Chicken Fajitas

  1. Wear a clean apron and tie back long hair. Cover any cuts with a blue plaser and remember not to handle food if you're ill, because you could spread the bad germs to other people.

  2. Organise the clean equipments and use a red chopping board to prepare the fajitas on. Make sure that you wash your hands before and after handling raw chicken with antibacterial soap.

  3. Cut the chicken into even sized strips to make sure that each strip cooks for the same amount of time. Add all of the chicken to the frying pan or wok at the same time. Stir the chicken.

  4. Make sure that you have washed your hands thoroughly after handling raw chicken.

  5. When it’s cooked, using a clean knife and a clean plate, cut a strip of chicken in half. It should be white throughout, with no pink or blood.


If you’re cooking a chicken breast, use a food probe to help you. Remember to use an anti-bacterial wipe to clean the food probe properly, and make sure that you’ve washed your hands. Place the probe into the centre of the chicken-hold it there for 2 minutes. If the temperature reads 72°C or above for 2 minutes then it’s cooked.


Once again, the juices of the chicken breast should run clear, there should be no blood and no pink areas of chicken.


Task: Design a leaflet to explain how to store, prepare and cook chicken safely. Put the information into your own words and include relevant pictures.


Remember to read through your work carefully to ensure it makes sense and check the spelling, punctuation and grammar.