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Food Fanatics KS3 Spelling Test Pack


This Spelling Test Pack focuses on words relevant to 'Equipment', 'Ingredients', and 'Skills and Processes' used in Cookery and Nutrition. The pack contains test revision materials; test sheets and assessment information. The spelling materials have been differentiated to meet the individual learning needs of each student. 


1. The ‘Literacy Spellings’ sheet shows which spellings that students must learn for each test. There are 3 different spelling tests for each year group-each spelling test should be taken every two weeks, depending on the length of subject rotations.

2. The spellings tests are differentiated- middle and higher ability students can be tested on up to 20 different spellings, SEN students are limited to 5 different spellings.

3. Remember to delete the ‘SEN’ spelling title before printing and handing out to students

4. There are 3 differentiated ‘Spelling Practice’ sheets to help students to learn their spellings. The red banded pages are for SEN/EAL students. The orange banded pages are for middle ability students, and the green banded pages are for higher ability students. These could be used for home work or as a revision aid prior to each spelling test.

5. The test sheet has a box to award a mark out of 20. Teachers can also give students feedback by using the ‘Spelling Assessment’ criteria and ticking the ‘Achievement’ and ‘Improvement’ band most relevant to the individual being assessed.

6. The ‘Literacy Spelling Results’ sheet can be used to record each groups’ progress. The ‘Average’ column is used to ascertain each student's average test score by adding up their marks for all three tests, (this should give a total out of 60 because each test is out of 20 with the exception of SEN). Marks out of 60 can then be converted into a percentage to obtain each student's average spelling score.



Sample from the KS3 Food Tech Fanatics Splling Pack:




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Only £3.00