K.S.3 Food Projects  and Resources

This website contains a range of resources to help you teach KS3 Cookery and Nutriton effectively. More and more resources will be added throughout the year. Our current resources include:


  • Assessing Without Levels

  • KS3 Spelling Pack for Cookery and Nutrition

  • Revamped Licence To Cook Recipes: Part 1 (Crown Copyright 2008)

  • Revamped Licence To Cook Recipes: Part 2 (Crown Copyright 2008)

  • Y7 Power Project

  • Y8 Power Project

  • Y9 Power Project: Special Diets and Deficiencies


Resource packs for the new GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition courses are currently underway.

Resources for Primary School 'Design and Technology' and 'Cookery and Nurtition' are also being developed.



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